Xanax XR

How It Works

Xanax XR is a prescription medication designed to treat those with panic disorders, anxiety, and depression. Xanax XR is a prescription medication called a benzodiazepine and can help consumers feel more calm, in control, and at ease.

How Does Xanax XR Work?

Xanax XR is derived from a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. This combination of ingredients affects chemicals in the brain that have the potential to become unbalanced and cause excess stress and anxiety.

Since most benzodiazepines are short-lived and need to be retaken every few hours, the makers of Xanax XR engineered a medication that can last all day long. Xanax XR is taken in the morning and acts in streams rather than small bursts and pitfalls. The effects of Xanax XR do not appear right away. Because it is a long-term medication it takes time to feel the full effects of Xanax XR.


Xanax XR can successfully reduce the occurrence of panic attacks when presented with intense fear. Xanax XR can treat many symptoms associated with anxiety, including dizziness, faintness, feelings of unreality, fear of losing control, fear of dying, tingling, numbness, hot flashes, chills, nausea, chest pain, choking feelings, shortness of breath, sweating, racing heart, and trembling. Xanax XR is associated with treat at least four of these symptoms at the same time.

Because Xanax XR is slow-release prescription, consumers will improve over the first week, increasing within the next few weeks. Xanax XR is for long-term conditions.

Side of Effects of Xanax XR

Although effective, Xanax XR comes with several potential side effects including: memory impairment, sedation, sleepiness, impaired speech, abnormal muscle action, abnormal coordination, and decreased libido. Those who are allergic to benzodiazepines, have acute narrow angle glaucoma, or are taking anti-fungal medications are not recommended to use Xanax XR and it is especially important that women who are pregnant or nursing do not use this product either because it has the potential to cause birth defects.

Our Thoughts

Because Xanax XR is a chemically derived product that can alter unbalanced chemicals and hormones in the brain that may be causing anxiety, we have no doubt that this product will work to remedy anxiety due to panic attacks or depression. However, also because it is chemically derived, we feel it’s important to weight the potential side effects before purchasing this product.

Overall, Xanax XR is a prescription that can help relieve even the most devastating symptoms of anxiety. As a prescription Xanax XR has proven to be both powerful and effective. Click here to learn more about Xanax XR. Click here to learn more about Xanax XR.

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