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Anxiety Attacks

Pressure, stress, or unease can be caused from many different events or thoughts that make us suffer many different feelings of frustration, anger, and also numerous other negative feelings. The hard thing is when it comes to a solution or remedy we must realize that what is nerve-racking to one person is not essentially stressful to another person and vice versa. Anxiety is usually a negative sensation of uneasiness or panic that can be caused for many different reasons. Listed below are a few common effects of an anxiety attack but the list of various symptoms is very long.

  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Blurred vision
  • Smothering sensations
  • Obsessions/compulsions

 In order to prevent or stop an anxiety attack it is very important to locate the main cause of the attack in the first place.  There are numerous different approaches to prevent or to treat an anxiety attack.  Some common approaches are with drug treatment, self help, or counselling.  If a person suffers from a chemical imbalance then a visit to the doctor is necessary and he may prescribe some medication that might be useful. 

Frequent Anxiety attacks will disrupt a person’s life but there are many proven remedies to alleviate and help overcome the problems.  Some people believe in natural remedies or self help techniques such as breathing patterns. Once a person realize they are having a panic attack steady breathing or getting up and walking around for 5 -10 minutes would also be very helpful

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April 24, 2014